In a creative world, like photography, you don’t often get pro’s that share knowledge and skillsets. Steve gave me the opportunity to ‘’up my game’’ and take my photography to the next level! Always willing to go a step further, even sharing editing tips and tricks! 


Above all, Steve is stand up guy with a acquired taste for Tequila!




André Campher

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Steve is an inspirational creative who’s work I greatly admire. His attention to detail is reflected in the quality of work thats delivered and I learn something new every time I watch him.


I’ve been fortunate enough too attend his workshops, be part of a shoot alongside him, and spent a networking weekend away in his company, and can honestly say that both as a person and as a professional, Steve is a stand up guy. He is genuine and that’s a quality i appreciate in people.


He is so full of positive energy and his vibe leaves everyone around him feeling very relaxed.


Steve’s mentorship is an aura and not just a ‘program’… it comes naturally to him.

He’s a true professional in every sense of the word. Not only a talented photographer and amazing teacher but also an awesome person.


He has pushed and motivated me to new heights, and having his support through his mentorship has given me the kickstart and the confidence I have needed.

Tiago Nazareth

Steve will take your photography to the next level guaranteed. He is a top class photographer, who is not shy to share his knowledge.


I had a few challenges when it came to my photography, sharpness was one of many issues. Steve will concentrate on your problem areas and guide you untik it has been resolved.  He will guide you around lines and composition, exposure in your photo’s, HSS photography, as well as how to work with models. His course is very practical and hands on.


I can recommend Steve’s course to anyone who wants to improve their photography. I can see the big improvement every time I am out there doing a shoot. 


Lucas Scorgie

Hi to whomever may be reading this

My name is Ty and im an aspiring what I like to think serious photographer, I’ve shot natural light and on camera flash pretty well, I had experimented in OCF quite successfully. However I really wanted to use lighting and become part of the strobism spectrum…you know like the serious guys and girls. I had some small experience with lighting but never really got it right?  Always had a light spill to the floor where my subject was or something of that nature, burn out or unnatural looking images.

I came across Steve Castings a couple years back and have been following him obviously as he is definitely one of the pinnacle points in the beauty and seduction photo industry.

So for the year of 2017 I decided that I have to develop and move into the world of Hi speed sync photography, this is it! As if by a miracle I came across Steve’s Mentorship Programme.

So, very nervous I went off to my one day Compressed programme for somewhat slightly experienced photographers, Steve welcomed me with such an open attitude immediately made me feel comfortable by the cool nature he carries.

So we started working,

Steve Teaches a wonderfully simple technique to achieve amazing portraits, it’s not magic. On the day we covered shooting in series 1st, 3 different poses in the same frame. How to feather subjects into the background creating the look of beauty and where to keep my focus. Creating tones was the next step, this is huge as I always tried to light my subjects clean ignoring shadows as I was scared of them. Steve showed me how to create light spill to generate tones to give depth and mood to an image, magical stuff. We covered many more areas along the day such as Beauty/Fashion poses to mention one. Steve Castings Academy has elevated my photography to a far higher level that I felt I could only achieve with fumbling around by myself for a couple years, it took one day with Steve. I now light with confidence, I highly recommend the Steve Castings academy to any photographer professional or not moving into or struggling with Strobism.

Plus Steve is a Cracker of a Guy who makes the course highly enjoyable and fun!!!!!